Hashtag Living with a Sex Therapist: Sex Toy in the Dining Room

People are always curious about my job. I believe this is because of the stigma associated with sex, and I become a safe place to talk about sex. However, for me and the BFF who has lived with me for over a decade (we really need a reality show), this is all normal, everyday living! We forget that many others out there are not used to the open conversation about any and every sex topic.

I decided to document and share these experiences with the world wide web. These blogs come from experience and are true life. These blogs are written to bring humor into your day and maybe you’ll gain a little knowledge as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I/we enjoy living them.

For those who don’t know the BFF, I’ll through my spill that I do with everyone:

  1. Yes, the BFF is a man.
  2. No, the BFF and I are not in a relationship.
  3. Yes, the BFF and I live together…for almost a decade…yes, we have separate rooms (My cat is still contemplating a take over of his room into her personal kitty parlor)
  4. No, the BFF and I do not have sex.
  5. Yes, it’s amazing we have not killed each other.

I recall a time when we lived in Philly, and the BFF had company over. I marched out of my room where I was working on a one of many papers for grad school. I promptly ask some question/opinion about a sex related topic such as fetishes or HIV. BFF and I engage in a enthralling conversation while his poor company is sitting there like, “Are these people really talking about this like I talk about my trips to Wal-Mart?”  Yes, yes, we do. Then said company jumped into the conversation too.

Recently, I was finishing a blog review for a sex toy. BFF was sitting in his normal spot in our dining room. In the same room, I was standing while typing away. Who knows where the cat was though probably creating her plan for BFF room take over. Anyway, I realized I needed said toy to ensure accuracy of my review. I marched to my room, located toy, and marched back to my computer.  Now ready to type, I turn said toy on, and I’m taking it through it’s 10 speed motions. Said toy is vibrating away while moving back and forth. BFF looks up from his work, continues to look without expression, and then says, “This is what my life has come to” as he watches me examine a sex toy in our dining room as if there is nothing unusual about this practice.  I respond, “Yes, this is what it has come to. See? It could be a lot worse!”

“Hashtag Living with a Sex Therapist” to be continued…