Wear Your Label NOT the Stigma!


I came across another great website and company this past week.  WearYourLabel.com fights the stigma of mental health by encouraging people to be open about their diagnosis instead of hiding behind shame, guilt, and stigma. According to the National Institute of Mental Health’s 2012 statistics, 18.6 of the adult population over 18 years of age were diagnosed with a mental health condition, and data from the CDC shows that 13.6 children ages 8-15 are diagnosed with mental illness. The company was founded by Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed who both have mental health diagnosis. Kyle and Kayley wanted to promote people talking about mental health and decided to create a clothing line addressing mental health illness. In addition, Wear Your Label donates to mental health organizations in order to end the stigma.  Check them out at http://wearyourlabel.com/collections/clothing



Photo credit from Wear Your Label Facebook page!